Restaurant le Vivarais
Creative and savoury cooking


Gourmet restaurant
at Vals-les-Bains in Ardèche

Under the leadership of Chef Stéphane,Le Vivarais restaurant welcomes you for a beautiful and true moment of French gastronomy. For you, a creative and tasty cuisine from local products, subtle dishes and wine pairings ... in the classic charm of our House.

Le Vivarais is the restaurant of Hotel Helvie. Hosts or curists in Vals-les-Bains, discover the refined and tasty cuisine of Chef Stéphane Polly. Share his love of Ardèche products and terroir.

Treat yourself to a Michelin star of happiness!

When gastronomy rhymes with creativity and lightness ...

Chefs' cooking
The produce in the spotlight

It's what everything starts with: the product. Stéphane Polly likes the product and builds all his cooking by and for it.

Every day of the year and through all his creations, the Chef highlights, expresses the qualities, reveals the subtleties.

Cooking, accompaniment, seasoning, dressing ...

Everything exhales it and brings it to light.

Ardèche, territory of flavors ...

Fin gras du Mézenc,country lamb, Fario trout, honey from local producers, dairy products - cream in the head - fruits including the famous chestnut, not to mention the must Richerenches truffle ...

The regional repertoire offers a thousand and one flavors that Stéphane Polly declines with passion through his plates.

... Land of heart

When he is not in his kitchen, the Chef travels the roads of the Ardèche to meet producers with whom he has worked in confidence for many years.

Because behind each product, there is a man, a know-how, days of work. All share the same respect for the land and its produces.

My cooking is subtle and creative

Lightness of dishes, created associations and dressage. The kitchen of Stéphane Polly is deployed with delicacy and refinement.

Nothing lies, from the original flavors intact until the rigorous composition of the plate, through the subtle contemporary notes that the Chef likes to distill in his creations.

History of passion

Stéphane Polly grew up in paternal kitchens.

He kept the love of the product and the requirement of a job well done. With several positions in beautiful houses, he took over the management of Le Vivarais in 2007.

Since then, under his leadership, the gourmet restaurant has earned its first Michelin star.

On the menu: creativity, refinement and authenticity of flavors.

Sharing the kitchen

"A guest, is a friend that comes to your house."

For Stéphane Polly, cooking rhymes with sharing and generosity. By carefully selecting the products, cooking for hours, and finally presenting superb plates, he offers a part of himself. He invites each guest to spend with him a moment of greedy happiness, simple and tasty.



RESTAURANT LE VIVARAIS5 Avenue Claude Expilly07600Vals-les-Bains
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GPS Coordinates:  Latitude : 44.655497  - Longitude : 4.367089

By car : 

  • From the North (Paris or Lyon) :  A7 motorway (direction Marseille). Exit 16 : take the direction of Le Pouzin Privas-Aubenas; follow the D104 until Vals-les-Bains. or Exit 17.Follow the direction of Aubenas.
  • From the South (Marseille, Montpellier) : A7 motorway (direction Lyon). Exit 18 : take the direction Viviers, then Alba-la-Romaine then folllow the N102 until Vals-les-Bains
  • From the West (Clermont-Ferrand) : A75 motorway (direction Montpellier/Issoire). Exit 20 : Take the N102 until Vals-les-Bains.

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